Industrial Online UPS

 Industrial UPS range produced under brand of LDS & POWERCON

 “Powercon Series” Industrial UPS Brochure"

LDS Powercon Features Benefits
Re-Generated Neutral-Complete Isolation between Input and Output (Zero Volts between output Neutral & Earth) Completely protects the critical loads against spikes, surges, EMI/RFI, Harmonics as well as the Intermediate DC contents from the UPS.
No Built-in Automatic Static Bypass

LDS-POWERCON UPS is designed for Ruggedness & Reliability and does not have internal Automatic Bypass to ensure safety of the critical load from:

Mains/DG Frequency Variations

Transients & circulating currents generated during Inverter to Bypass Changeover & vice-versa

Any possible over/under voltage OR frequency variations that might travel to critical load when UPS is in Bypass

Wide Input Voltage Range Longer battery life as the UPS doesn’t drain battery during Mains Fluctuations
CV/CC Battery Charger Low ripple content in the charger ensures longer battery life
Sine Wave Output with Instantaneous Sine-wave Control Output power quality is excellent even for jerk/non-linear loads like motors/drives
Crystal controlled 50.0 Hz Fixed Output Frequency Critical load is protected against Mains/DG Frequency Variations as against the UPSs that  track Mains Frequency
High Crest Factor Tolerance without De-rating    

Optimum capacity utilisation can be achieved. 
LDS-POWERCON UPS can support 6 PCs per KVA with 15” color monitors on round-the clock basis.
LDS-POWERCON UPS can support 60 to 70% more Embroidery/CNC machines than the UPSs with conventional designs.

300% Inrush Handling Capability

Ensures start-up of motor & jerky loads without any compromise on output power quality

Excellent Transient Response Minimum Disturbance to the running loads whenever additional loads are switched ON.
100% unbalanced load handling capability for three phase output UPSs Suitable for mixture of Three Phase as well as Single Phase Loads
User-friendly front panel with Mimic Diagram & Digital Meter Indicates the complete UPS Status at a glance.
High Reliability LDS-POWERCON Reliability ensures maximum uptime for the Application.
Batteries installed in cabinet Ensures site-aesthetics and safety of the personnel working near the UPS.
24 Months Warranty Ensures higher reliability and  lower maintenance costs
Professional Support Experienced & seasoned field-staff for prompt & efficient after-sale service.