Isolation Transformers

Product Description :

Isolation Transformers at Sylvan are designed to block interference caused by neutral of the line. It is specially constructed to eliminate all types of electrical noises like common mode noise, etc. This type of transformer isolates primary and secondary coils. A separated neutral to ground bond on the secondary side is created to be used as a separately derived source to combat current loops.

A grounded Faraday shield between the primary and the secondary is created using high insulation materials with special shielding techniques that attenuate common mode noise as well minimize transverse mode noise. The specially selected core with its magnetic properties exhibit sufficient leakage inductance to attenuate noise with proper transfer of fundamental power frequency. The Ultra Isolation transformer is designed with split winding construction and bifilar connections to reduce coupling capacitance of winding.

K-Rated Isolation Transformer :

The overall function of the ULTRA K Isolation Transformer is to deliver conditioned power to a non-linear high-harmonic current load and operate at safe temperatures while minimizing the harmonic current delivered to the power grid. An additional function of the ULTRA K is to attenuate both common mode and transverse mode noise going to the load. The product is offered with four different K-Factors (K-4, K-7, K-13 & K-20) standard. The K-Factor is a means of rating the transformer's ability to withstand the heating effects of harmonic and fundamental current flowing in the transformer. Utilization of the proper K-Factor is absolutely essential in every installation. If too low K-Factor is used, it can result in failure, fire, overheating, and wave form distortion.


What K-Factor to use?

K-Factor transformers are available from a K-4 rating to a K-20 rating.

- A K-4 Rated transformer is rated for 35% nonlinear load.
- A K-7 Rated transformer is rated for 50% linear and 50% non-linear. The mix may be 50/50 at one point in time and change to 80/20 in the future.
- A K-13 Rated transformer is rated for 75% non-linear loading. This transformer would take care of most present and future needs. There is a higher initial but it is worth it.
- A K-20 Rated transformer is for installations that have an unusually high harmonic or non-linear content. Here again there is a price premium for the additional insurance.


Load Type K-Factor
Incandescent Lighting Load K-1
Electric Resistance Heating K-1
Motor-Generators/Control Transformers/Distribution Transformers K-1
Electric Discharge Lighting K-4
UPS w/Optional Input Filter K-4
Welders/Induction Heating Equipment/PLCs K-4
PBX,UPS without I/P Filtering K-13
Multiwire Receptacle circuits in Small Health Care Facilities K-13
Main Frame Computer Loads/Solid state motor Drives K-20
Multiwire Receptacle circuits in Commercial offices/Emergency, Critical Care Rooms of Hospitals K-30















Features and Benefits          Applications
Efficient Design to block Interference in Neutrals Data Centres, Call Centres, IPO
Custom built to the level of Line Noise at your site Induction Heaters/Inverters
Sites K-Rated requirements UPS, VFD’S & Drives
Shields Electronice Equipment against Neutral drops HID Lightings
Protects against bus short circuit or accidental discharge of capacitors Hospitals/Medical Centres, Research Labs
Increases Equipment life Corporate, Banking and Financial Institutions
  CNC machines
  Remote installations
  Telecommunication Equipment














Standard Models of Isolation Transformers :

System Input Voltage Output Voltage Capacity
Single Phase 230V IIO/230V .5 to 25 KVA
Three Phase 4I5V 4I5/200V I KVA TO 200 KVA
Load Regulations  3-4% 
Acceptable Input Range +0.1%
Mode of Operations  1:1 Isolation Transformer
Dielectric Strength  2500 A.C for 2 Min. I 
Common Mode Rejection  Over 110 dB 
Coupling Capacitance  Less than .0 I pF 
DC Galvanic Isolation  Over 100 Mega Ohms.