Servo Voltage Stabilizer

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 Salient Features

  • High response, Low inertia rugged A.C. Servo Motor.
  • Virtually zero wave form distortion.
  • Very low internal impedence.
  • No phase shift.
  • Nil effect on load power factor.
  • Usage of high quality raw materials, prime grade lamination and high purity electrolytic copper wires/strips.
  • Fast correction rate upto 70V/second.
  • Quick response time of 10 mS (half a cycle).
  • Special circuit to ensure constant output on D.G. sets.
  • Industrial grade design for indoor tropical use.
  • Conforms to IS 9815 specification.
  • Machine wound variacs with special carbon brushes for enhanced life.
  • Voltage adjustment on output.

                                         Standard Models of Servo Stabilisers

System Input Voltage Rating Output Voltage Regulation Oil / Air
Single Phase I70-270V 1-25 KVA 230V ±0.5% AIR
I40-280V 1-25 KVA 230V ±0.5% AIR

Three Phase


340-480V 3-100 KVA 4I5V ±I% Air
75-800 KVA 4I5V ±I% OIL
295-470V 3-75 KVA 4I5V ±I% AIR
75-800 KVA 4I5V ±I% OIL











  Single Phase Three Phase  Image
Input Voltage 160V-260V 300V-460V/340V- 480V



Output Voltage 230V 380V/400V/415V
Output Regulation ±l%orO.5% ±l% or O.5%
Efficiency Better than 95% Better than 97%
Frequency 47-53 Hz 47-53 Hz
Wave form Distortion Nil Nil
Effect of Load on Power Factor Nil Nil
Temperature Depends on the type of cooling and IS specifications  
Motor Burn proof high torque A.C. synchronous motor  




















Auto/maimal Switch Low/High Voltage Cut Off



Voltmeter on Output Short circuit protection with MCCB
Output Volts adjust Single phasing protection
Lower / Raise Push Button in Manual Mode Input/Output voltage metering
Mains Indication Reverse phase protection

Voltmeter / Ammeter with

selector switch (3Ph. Units)

Isolation Transformer

By Pass Switch

Surge Suppressor

Electronics audio alarm

Remote Control facility

Digital Volt/Ampere Meter