UPS System for Medical Equipment

CT Scan UPS systems

Salient features

  • Very low input power requirement-15 kVA*
  • In-built galvanic isolation
  • Hyper dynamic response
  • Instanteeous sine correction
  • Input power factor correction


  • Saving on power sanction and cabling cost
  • Saving on generator cost(lower capacity generator is required)
  • Saving on diesel cost
  • Reduced ct breakdowns and uninterrupted patient scan
  • Hyper dynamic response ensure voltage corrections within 5 to 8 milliseconds

* UPS can be programmed for desireable input power requirement irrespective of outpower capacity.

Conventional online ups

  • Power is drawn from mains during x-ray exposure
  • UPS works on battery mode only in the absence of mains
  • Low efficiency charger


CT online UPS

  • Power is drawn from mains only when console is operational.
  • During exposure power is drawn from battery.
  • Irrespective of o/p capacity of ups,i/p capacity can be programmed.
  • High efficiency ,high frequecy charger to facilitate on/off switching at the input.
  • No need for high capacity generator to run the machine.


Technical Specifications

INPUT 3Phase
Voltage 415V -20% +15%
Frequency 50Hz +/- 10%
DC voltage 360V
Capacity 15KVA/20KVA/30KVA*
OUTPUT 200V +/- 1% , 400 V +/- 1%
Frequency 50 Hz +/- 0.01%
Power Factor 0.7 lag to Unity
Crest Factor 5:01
Transient Response Output recovers within 5%
On 10% to 100% Recovery within One Cycle
Over Load 150% for 1 Sec ,110% for 1 Min
Capacity 40 KVA/80 KVA/120 KVA*
PROTECTIONS Input Under Voltage/ Over Voltage
Rectifier   DC Over Voltage
Battery Charging Over Current
Single Phasing, Reverse Phase Protection
PROTECTIONS Output Under Voltage/ Over Voltage
Inverter Output Overload/Short Circuit
  DC Under Voltage
  Over Temperature
AUDIO ALARM   Rectifier Trip
Battery Low Pre-Alert
Operating Temperature 0 to 45 Deg C
Storage -10 to 70 Deg C
Humidity Up to 95% RH ( Non-condensing)
Cooling Forced air cooling